Mass deaths of 9 migrant labourers create ripples in Warangal


In what can be termed as a ghastly episode, the mysterious deaths of 9 members of a family in Warangal town has sent shock waves while giving a tough time to the police in chasing the case.


According to the information, all the dead belonged to a single family of a 55-year-old migrant labourer from West Bengal Maksood. Four of the bodies were found in a well nearby on Thursday while 5 more bodies were recovered the next day from the same well. Among the dead, two were identified as Biharis while one more belongs to Tripura. All other 6 belong to the same family.

All those were migrant labourers and have been residing in godown premises in a tiny shed inside the compound situated in Gorrekunta Industrial estate in Geesukonda mandal of Warangal. The Maksood’s family is residing in a separate portion while the two Biharis reside in a separate room.

The Panchayat Raj Minister Erreballi Dayakar along with Warangal Commissioner of Police Ravinder visited the godown premises and inspected the bodies at MGM hospital mortuary. The Tribal Welfare Minister Satyavathi Rathod and the District rural Collector Haritha too paid their visits to ascertain the facts.

The astonishing fact is none of the bodies bore any injuries on their bodies. Police are yet to establish as to these mass deaths were either part of a suicide pact or mass killings. All the bodies have been shifted to MGM hospital for postmortem the report of which might come today. Police are expected to get some clue about the mystery surrounding their deaths.

The incident came to light when the godown owner Ravinder complained to the police after he could not find them in the godown premises during one of his regular visits on Thursday. The dead were identified as follows:

Mohd Maksood Alam (50), his wife Nisha (45), Daughter Busra (20), Grandson (3), Son Shabad Alam (22), Son Sohail Alam (21) and a co-workers Shakeel (Tripura), Sri Ram (Bihar) and Shyam (Bihar). It is said that Maksood’s daughter Busra has been staying with parents along with her 3-year-old son after her diverse with her husband.