Mayor attempts to pacify construction workers to stay back

City Mayor Dr Bonthu Rammohan and Principle Secretary Municipal Administration Aravind Kumar are seen interacting with construction labourers at My Hub Hub today.

Mayor Dr Bonthu Rammohan today while interacting with the migrant workers of 15 states said Telangana State Government is committed to providing all facilities to the migrant workers and tried to pacify them to stay back as the construction works picked up.

He along with Principal Secretary MA&UD Arvind Kumar visited My Home Hub construction site at Raidurg and enquired the facilities provided at the sites by the agencies and discussed with them in GHMC, HMDA limits about providing food, accommodation and other arrangements at 288 sites.


He told them that the Government is looking after them as one of their family members and explained to them that more number of trains cannot be operated in a day, since the respective governments have to make screening tests, food, transportation facilities to their native villages and other arrangements although the TS Government is willing to send them by special trains. And a sum of Rs.4 crores has been paid to SCR. Registrations are being done at the constructions sites and appealed to wait till their turn comes and there is no need to be panic as train facilities are made till month-end.

Principal Secretary, MA&UD Arvind Kumar said so far 16 trains have been arranged for the migrant worker to go to their native places like Bhopal, Patna, Lucknow, Kolkatta, Jaipur, Bhuneshwar etc. Further, he said in each train only 1200 person accommodated since physical distance have to be followed and about 6000 people are being sent in 5 trains daily. He told them that CM Chandra Shekar Rao was willing to run more trains daily but the SCR allotting only 5-6 trains as they have to provide trains to other states as well.

Further, he asked them to register their names at their worksites and the Government will send every registered person by running trains till month end and there is no need to be panic and also suggested to work till their turn comes. Since the constructions activities geared up and allied activities also providing employment to more persons.

CCP Devender Reddy, ZC Ms.Praveenya, MY Home representative Jupally Shyam and others participated in the programme.