Media report damages Telangana cops reputation: City Commissioners


The city police commissioners of Hyderabad, Rachakonda and Cyberabad have denied having knowledge of any political involvement in the internal transfers within the department.

Addressing separate media conferences here in their respective offices today, City Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar, Rachakonda CP Mahesh Bhagawat and Cyberabad CP Sajjanar have severely condemned a report published by a vernacular daily that claimed a nexus between Police and the criminals resulting in the increase in crime rate.

They came down heavily on the media (not MaaHyderabad) for what they termed publishing a baseless report alleging that the department in connivance with the criminals is resorting to crime to earn extra income. “This is absolutely baseless and against all journalistic norms”, stated Mahesh Bhagawat while declaring that he would approach the court for levelling such meaningless allegations.

Anjani Kumar stated that he had not seen such a vague and meaningless news item in his 30-years of a career as a police officer. “It is a total irresponsible story”, he said while referring to the content of the story that narrated how the department is being plagued by corruption and political involvement at every level especially when it comes to internal transfers. “I have never faced any political pressures at any point of time during my 30-year tenure”, he declared.

‘It’s unfair to brand the entire department for the sins if at all committed by an employee or two”, pointed out VC Sajjanar while alleging that ‘the report had branded the entire department as criminals”. Media has its own reputation and responsibility towards society. They are not supposed to publish this kind of meaningless, baseless, vague and hearsay items affecting the reputation of the department as a whole. “If we brand media in a similar way, how it pinches you”, he questioned.