MGM will be developed on the lines of Gandhi Hospital: Etela

Ministers KT Rama Rao, Etela Rajender Yerrabelli Dayakar, Satyavathi Road are seen wearing full PPE kit and interacting with the Covid patients in MGM hospital in Warangal.

Medical and Health Minister Etela Rajender announced that the MGM Hospital in Warangal is being developed on the lines of Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad to offer better treatment to the Covid patients.

Rajender held a review meeting with the medical officers after visiting the MGM along with Ministers KTR, Ms Satyavathi Rathod, Dayakar Rao and others during his tour to flood-affected areas in Warangal city today.


Speaking on the occasion, Rajender said that in the entire state, facilities were created to conduct Corona tests and offer treatment from the government side. In MGM Hospital in Warangal, there are 340 beds kept ready with Oxygen facility for the Covid patients. Beds will be increased to 750 soon. He said doctors, staff, PPE Kits, ventilators, medicines, tests kits are kept ready in adequate numbers. The Minister also announced that for Warangal special Mobile Labs would be sent.

“The government has taken all measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and offer better treatment to Corna patients. On the instructions from the CM, we have focussed more on Warangal, which is the second-largest city after Hyderabad. We have created a special Corona ward in the MGM. We are creating another special ward in KMC. We have made arrangements so that any number of patients can be treated here without going to Hyderabad or private hospitals. 81 per cent of people who have Corona were asymptomatic. In the rest, many people are recovering. The death rate is below 1 per cent. Hence people need not fear. The only medicine for those affected with the Virus is fearlessness. Those who are suffering from the virus, whether they are in hospitals or in-home Isolation, doctors are monitoring them, giving them suggestions, medicines and help. Isolation Kits are given to all those affected with the virus. We are creating isolation centres for those whose relatives are not coming forward to help. For those who died, if their relatives are not coming forward to perform the last rites, the government is doing it,” the Minister said.

“While keeping the focus on Corona, the doctors should also keep an eye on the seasonal outbreak of contagious diseases. There is a possibility of an outbreak of fevers, contagious diseases during the rain and floods. Please be on high alert. Conduct sanitary programs in towns and villages. A clean environment can prevent contagious diseases. Don’t allow attendants of the Corona patients in the wards. Don’t keep clothes and Corona patients in the same ward. There are enough PPE Kits for the staff, utilize them. Keep a special focus on doctors’ safety and protection. We have given powers to the Collectors to appoint the temporary staff. Improve biomedical waste management and disposal,” Rajender said.