Minorities Commission disposes 808 cases in current year

Chairman of Telangana Minorities Commission Mohammed Qamaruddin

The Telangana State Minorities Commission could dispose of 808 cases out of 1008 it had received for disbursal during the April 1st 2019 to March 31, 2020, said the Chairman of the Minority Commission Mohammed Qamaruddin.

According to him, these 808 cases were disbursed under 3 categories i.e., A, B & C. The rest of 200 petitions are pending for disbursal. He said the details of petitions received, disposed and balance are shown in the statement appended hereto. As could be seen from the statement, the disposal of the cases is 80%.

However, the strength of the petitions is increasing day by day and the Commission has taken special steps and intervened in the matter of restoring of Urdu Medium Degree Courses in Dr BR Ambedkar University at Hyderabad which was closed, for want of teaching staff etc similarly the posts of Professors in Urdu, Arabic and Parsi languages were also vacant in Osmania University which was also filled in, he said.

The Commission also recommended and got sanctioned 3000 Square Yards of Lands in Mahendra Hills for Construction of Gurudwara for Sikh Community at Mahendra Hills. The Commission also got allotted 1000 square yards Land at BHEL for construction of Community Hall for Buddhist Community likewise the Commission also got allotted more than 1 Acre Land at Kokapet Village for construction of Christians Bhavan for Christians Community. 

There is more than 100 years old School established by the Parsi Community People in the year 1990 at Hyderabad and the foundation was laid by the Nizam King and 100 years, centenary celebrations were also held in 2019 keeping in view of the dilapidated condition of the School Building, the Chairman had recommended the government for the sanction of Rs 50 lakh toward building renovation. The orders are awaited, he said. 


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