Mission Bhagiratha, Haritha Haram To Address Climate Adaptation And Mitigation


Principal Secretary, Environment, Forests, Science and Technology Dr. Rajat Kumar said that Government of Telangana is implementing the schemes Mission Kakatiya and Haritha Haram to address the climate adaptation and mitigation.

He was delivering inaugural address at the 2-day workshop being held on the High Resolution Climate Projections and Analysis for India organised by Environmental Protection Training and Research Institute (EPTRI), in collaboration with the Institute for Tropical Meteorology Pune (IITM- Pune), the U.S. Department of State in EPTRI here today.

Director General  EPTRI B  Kalyan Chakravarthy said for  building resiliency across communities and Nations, we need to better understand the variations at the local level as it holds the potential to impact our planning to deliver renewable energy and adapt to climate resilient agriculture or plan the water resources for our community. He also said that the workshop is also rightly timed as  MOEF&CC, GoI has informed all the states to revisit the State Action Plans on Climate Change (SAPCC), which  will help the sates  in assessing climate projections with  less uncertainty.

Chief, Scientific Services Division, NOAA NCEI Dr. David Easterling said “ We are pleased to  collaborate with our colleagues on the  topic of climate models and downscaling which is important in  planning. Impacts of Climate Change are  happening  now and we must plan for future.  Working with India will help to improve the overall advancement in downscaling. Dr. Ken Kunkel, Professor, Cooperative Institute for Climate & Satellites, NC State University said “We know the climate is changing, and we know the direction of the change. While we continue to advance the science in specificity, we should not be paralyzed into inaction be a mistaken application of uncertainty”

DGM, NABARD CSR Murthy said that projections are to be  made with less uncertainty and NABARD will encourage such workshops to help  the  farming community.

The others who participated in the workshop include Political and Economic Associate Consulate General of USA Geoffrey Chin, An IITM Dr Ashwini Kulkurni, Scientist Dr. Sesha Srinivas, Environmental Engineer Shaik Allavali and Nodal officers on climate change from 16 states and officials from EPTRI, PJTSAU, TSREDCO, TSGENCO participated.