‘Mission Kakatiya’ to undo past mistakes


Unlike in the past, Telangana government is able to show the path to progress to what once used to be considered as one of the most ‘backward regions’ in the country.

It is now clear with the recent power point presentation by none other than the state Chief Minister himself on the floor of the house had brought forth several startling facts about how Telangana was ‘neglected’ by the erstwhile rulers which in fact, was not backward by itself. The region was a victim of man-made negligence alas the rulers who ruled Telangana for 55-odd years. The wound they caused was so irreparable that it would take its own time to heal. And right now, what all we need is the dedicated leadership to set the process of healing in motion.

Thanks to the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao, the Mission Bhagiradha is all set to undo the mistakes of the past while his other pet project Mission Kakatiya would pave the way for finding a permanent solution to the ‘so called man made drought’ in Telangana. Although the two projects have two different dimensions, the objective seems to be common with both of them to bail out Telangana from the ‘man-made drought’. While Mission Kakatiya is aimed at rejuvenating ‘dead water storage bodies’ all across Telangana to give a fillip to agricultural activity, the Mission Bhagiradha is aimed at providing drinking water to every household in every village in order to quench the thirst of the Telangana.

Both the projects have gained importance worldwide as it has a noble cause hidden in its agenda. Even the heads of states worldwide have begun to evince interest in this project which have gained international acclaim after the Israel experiment. Once the projects are completed, undoubtedly it would change the phase of Telangana.

It is welcome that the Vice President of NITI Ayog Aravind Panagaria had written letters to the Chief Ministers of all the states to treat Mission Kakatiya as a model scheme and implement the same in their respective states. It is pertinent to note that the Central Government has also accorded Rs.18,000 crore to Mission Kakatiya this year under the Prime Minister Krishi Sanchai Yojana (PMKSY) scheme besides holding a national level convention on ‘Mission Kakatiya’ in Hyderabad on April 12.