Moderate increase in air and noise pollution found during Diwali

Air and Noise Pollution in city during Diwali

The air and noise pollution have increased marginally during the Diwali celebrations in the State. However, it was marginally low when compared to the last year readings, according to a report by the Telangana State Pollution Control Board. 


The special-purpose (Diwali) Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) with respect to the particulate matter, gases and noise levels in the city monitoring in compliance to the CPCB directions are being carried out across the state from November 7, 2020, to till date and will be continued up to November 21, 2020. 

Noise level monitoring is carried out through 10 real-time noise monitoring stations in the city. The noise data of November 9, 2020, is taken as pre-Diwali data and that of the November 14 as Diwali data which is as follows:

Though both the above reports show the slight increase in the normal permitted pollution levels, but not that heavy rise when compared to the air pollution last year. However, the concentration of Sulphur dioxide and Nitrogen in the air increased moderately.

There is a decrease in the noise levels in the day time and may be attributed to decreased activity in the day owing to Sunday and holiday, while the night there is a marginal increase in the noise levels when compared to a normal day.