Modi thank Trump for finding a ‘Best Friend’ in India


Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked the visiting USA President Donald Trump for not just elevating India’s image alone but also highlighted the NRI’s contribution to the growth of USA.

“The 40 lakh Indians living in the USA are feeling proud of themselves to contribute their mite to the development of USA”, he said while speaking at the ‘Namasthe Trump’ programme organised in honour of the US President at the world’s largest Motera Cricket Stadium in Ahmadabad as part of his visit to India today.

Modi began his speech narrating a sloka from Sanskrit which meant ‘Friendship is Unshakable’ and recollected his first meeting with Trump in White House during which Trump went on record stating that “India has the best friend in White House’. The PM also expressed that their relationship would go a long way in achieving the aspirations of 130 crore people of this largest democratic country in the world.

Terming the Indo-US relations as the natural one, Modi said that both the countries are not just striving to establish peace in India and the US alone but also in other countries. He appreciated the commitment of the US government in fighting Terrorism in this part of the universe. and thanked the Trump for extending unflinching support to India in this direction.

He reiterated India’s commitment to safeguarding its interests in collaboration with the USA. He concluded his speech by raising slogans as “India-US relations. Long Live Long Live” with which the Motera Stadium reverberated.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump was all praise for Prime Minister Narendra for giving him such a spectacular welcome ‘Namasthe Trump’. He said India was quiet a close partner of US in all respects and it would continue to remain as “Amerca Loves India”. “India has a special place among Americans for what he called contributing their mite in the growth of the US.

He further claimed that America could successfully erode the radical Islamic terrorism in Syria “We have eradicated 100 per cent Islamic terrorism from Syria by killing the ISIS chief”, he said adding that still there needs to be done much in other parts.

He also tried to explain as to why he had imposed restrictions on visa sanctions back home in America. He indirectly appears to have supported the CAA move by Modi government as he said that the US doesn’t want any individual to become a threat to our country. “Hence, we have restricted the entry of outsiders”, he added.

He further informed that he would enter into agreements with India tomorrow regarding defence purchases. “We wanted to establish peace in this region. That is why we have asked Pakistan to demolish all terrorist dense and their activities operating from their land”, declared Trump.

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania watch as the Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing from the bullet-proof glass chamber at Namasthe Trump programme in Motera Stadium in Ahmadabad today.