Film Review: Naga Shaurya’s Ashwathhama fares better


Though the first half of Naga Shaurya’s Ashwathama appears to have caused little boredom, it picked up better in the second half making viewers glued to their seats.

It is sure to recollect the film Rakshashudu while watching Ashwathhama as the entire movie appears to be near to that film. It appears Director had lost control over the climax scene.

The hero has done justification to his character as the theme itself was redesigned by Shaurya himself. He tried his best to be known as an action hero. However, the central theme of the movie was not so impressive but the way the treatment given by the director was good. He succeeded in maintaining the suspense in the story except for the climax.

The screenplay writing was good. Dialogues such as ‘Chesedi Thappe. Kani Thappu anipinchadam ledu (I know I am doing wrong. But I am not feeling it as wrong), “Neram cheyadam thappu kadu. Sakshyam vadileyadam thappu” (Committing crime is not wrong. But leaving evidence behind is wrong) are very catchy and impressive.

Art direction and Camera works are good. Choreography and lyrics were not that catchy. However, the background music by Gibran has turned out to be plus for the movie.

The production values are not questionable. Hero Naga Shaurya appeared different in his role. However, the heroine Mehareen’s role though short but was tailor-made to her character. Villian suits perfectly to the character.

Overall, the rating can be given as 2.75


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