Naidu demands CBI probe in Salam’s suicide, announces protest programs

  • YCP victimised another Muslim Minority family, says Chandrababu
  • CBI should probe Abdul Salaam family joint suicide
  • A special court should be formed to hear the Nandyal case

TDP National President and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu today blamed the YCP Government’s continued harassment for the joint suicide of Abdul Salaam family in Nandyal in Kurnool district.


Naidu said that it was only because of the non-stop harassment in the name of robbery case in the jewellery shop that Salaam along with his wife and two children ended their lives by falling under the train. Salaam had no other choice as he faced humiliation and persecution even while earning his livelihood by driving an autorickshaw.

Addressing a meeting of the party presidents of 25 Lok Sabha constituencies, the TDP chief said that the joint suicide of the whole family was a reflection of the peak to which the YCP atrocities have reached in the State. A 10-year-old Muslim Minority girl faced molestation attempt at Bommuru. When they made the police complaint, the whole family members came under threat to withdraw the case. What more, SC, ST atrocities case was filed against them. Obscene videos of her mother were taken to harass them.

Naidu recalled how the Bommuru incident eventually led to the suicide attempt by the girl’s father Abdul Sattar in front of the Rajahmundry SP Office itself. It was only being unable to bear the harassment of YCP MLA that a volunteer attempted suicide in East Godavari. An Anganwadi worker was subjected to humiliation in Kadapa. A Dalit youth in Punganur was driven to commit suicide just for putting a video on social media about the harmful cheap liquor brands being sold in the Government liquor shops. Twelve persons gang-raped a 17-year-old minor girl in Rajahmundry.

Naidu demanded that the investigation into the Salaam family suicide be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to bring the facts to the light. A special court should be formed to deal with the Nandyal suicide case. The officials responsible for this joint family suicide should be dismissed from service.

Naidu further alleged that the YCP Government’s ruthlessness against the Muslims was evident from the pathetic incidents involving Abdul Salaam in Nandyal, Abdul Sattar family in Bommuru, minor girl case in Rajahmundry and ban on over 100 families from a Palnadu village. Not only that the Dalits also faced similar attacks in Chirala, Gurazala and Punganur. Dalit youth Kiran was beaten to death in Chirala. Domathoti Vikram was killed in Gurazala. Three Dalits were tonsured in three districts.

Stating that the Jagan rule was like a ‘stone in a mad man’s hand’, Naidu said that AP had never witnessed before such joint family suicides, gang rapes, murders, tonsures and suicide and molestation attempts. So many countless false cases, false arrests, house arrests and harassments were not there before under any regime.

Naidu asked the TDP leaders to hold protest rallies and candle demonstrations all over the State for the coming three days all over the State. Special prayers should be held for the deceased Salaam family. Rallies should be held. Candles should be lighted in front of the houses on Thursday evening. Special Friday prayers should be held in the masjids.



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