Nala claims life of a 12-year-old girl in Neredmet


The encroachments on nalas have claimed yet life a 12-year-old girl Sumedha who was found missing last night in Neredmet in the city.


According to the details available, Sumedha accidentally fell into a Nala gushing with rainwater near her residence while she was riding a bicycle in her locality. She reportedly informed her father that she would go for a joy-ride and did not return only to have found dead. The family members informed the police who launched search operations but in vain due to darkness in the night.

The cops resumed the search operation in the morning and found her cycle first in the nala. Subsequently, her body was found in nearby Banda Cheruvu 2 km away from where she fell as she swept away.

Her body has been sent to postmortem. Police said the in the postmortem report it was mentioned that she sustained head injury first and died after lungs got chocked and found water inside her lungs.

The body has been handed over to the parents Abhijit Kapuria and Sukanya Kapuria. Malkajgiri DCP Rakshitha K Murthy said ‘We found in the CCTV footage that she had gone till the end of her colony lane. And today morning we found the cycle near the drain and suspected that she might have fallen into it. Her body was found in the Banda Cheruvu. We were assisted with officials from GHMC and NDRF in our operations.’