Naxalism will not survive in this 5G era: Committee for Protection of Democracy


The Committee for Protection of Democracy, an organisation to counter the Maoist movement in the state has come down heavily on the Maoists for denouncing his allegation of indulging in extortion.


Countering the statement of Maoists, the representative of the Committee Bharath in a media note released here today questioned the Maoist’s integrity in not accepting their mistakes. There are several former and fake Naxals indulging in forcible collections. “Recently a woman Naxalite extorted money from contractors threatening the victim using toy pistols”, pointed out Bharath.

He was critical of Maoists for condemning his charges of extortions and leading a luxurious life earlier and for finding fault with Director General of Police Mahender Reddy’s recent visit to the Asifabad and Mulugu districts. “A person named Mahesh had given a statement finding fault with the DGP’s tour. It is no surprise in their statements against police and the government. Everybody knows their modus operandi. They issue statements first, then issue threats and warnings and even attack physically if they don’t listen to them, said Bharath adding that they do not even hesitate to kill people especially the innocent tribals. They also resort to arson, loot and destruction of material own by contractors and burning down of infrastructure facilities in rural areas.

He further claimed that the Maoist party is suffering from internal bickering which had been made public earlier by their leaders like Satvaji and Jampanna. Unable to resist the onslaught from Centre and State forces due to the Samadhan programme, Maoists have migrated to the adjoining Chattisgarh and Maharashtra and now after a long spell they wanted to entre the state and hence targeting the DGP, he said.

Bharath further advised Maoists to desist leading the underground life and join the mainstream as in this 4G and 5G era of the 21st century, their movement will not sustain in the long run as people are not ready to receive them.