Need more awareness on organ donation: Governor

Governor Soundararajan flanked by her nephrologist husband Dr Soundararajan and the Co-Editor Dr Anusha Rohit is seen releasing the Book on 'Renal Transplantation in Developing Countries' at Raj Bhavan today

Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan gave a call for concerted efforts to create greater awareness on kidney transplantations and organ donation in our country.


She said that lifestyle-diseases like diabetes and hypertension were increased the risk of renal ailments. It is the right time to create better awareness to prevent renal ailments. 

The Governor was virtually releasing the book titled “Handbook of Renal Transplantation in Developing Countries,” brought out by the Madras Medical Mission, Chennai, from the Raj Bhavan, here, on Monday.

Emphasizing on the need to promote awareness on organ donation, Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan pointed out that when more than two lakh patients were waiting for the kidney transplantation, there were only 10,000 transplantations taking place in the country annually. “There is a huge gap between the requirement and the transplantations taking place”, she said.

Referring to the Handbook on Renal Transplantations in Developing Countries, she appreciated the efforts of the eminent transplantation surgeons for sharing their experiences by contributing articles.

“During my medical studies days, it was rare to find books authored by Indians. It is highly appreciable that so many eminent renal experts came together to document their experiences. This is highly useful for young professionals,” she added.

Compiling a handbook on renal transplantations by Indian experts is in the true spirit of Atma Nirbhar Bharat, self-reliant India. Referring to the transplantation surgeries carried out by her husband, Dr P Soundararajan, a renowned Nephrologist, the Governor stated, in a lighter vein, that they used to pray for the first drop of urine from the transplanted patient signifying the success of the transplantation.

The Governor had appreciated the effort of the contributors in highlighting the nutritional and psychological aspects in the renal transplantations.

Madras Medical Mission Director Professor (Dr) George Abraham, who is the chief editor of the book, Prof P Soundararajan, and Dr Anusha Rohit, co-editor of the book, Madras Medical Mission Secretary M M Philip and many other eminent Nephrologists were present.

The handbook contained a total of 26 research papers, jointly authored by more than 60 experts, ranging on a wide variety of topics related to transplantation.