Nirbhaya Convicts hanged at last


The four convicts in the gang-rape and murder Nirbhaya were executed successfully early this morning as per the schedule at 5.30 am amidst tight security after all the last-ditch efforts by their counsel AP Singh proved futile.

According to the Director-General of Tihar Jail, Sandeep Goel said the four convicts – Mukesh Singh, Akshay Thakur, Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma – were declared dead at 6.10 pm by the designated doctor at Tihar Jail. Later their bodies were shifted to Safdar Jung Hospital for postmortem which is not a regular practice in the case of hanging. Their bodies will be handed over to their relatives after the postmortem, he said

Goel also informed that the four convicts did not express any last wish but continued to weep inconsolably even at the gallows minutes before being hanged in the wee hours today. They did not sleep whole night but spent weeping and refused to take breakfast before being hanged.

Their counsel AP Singh had tried his best to evade the hanging till the last minute but to no avail. He moved a peculiar petition at 11.45 in the night urging the court to stop the death sentence and instead send them to the Indo-Pak border to do the social worker there. However, his request was rejected by the court at the last moment.

The four convicts were closely monitored by the Tihar jail administration and orders were issued to keep an eye out for the convicts trying to create some sort of drama or distraction and maybe even attempts to commit suicide.

Reacting to this, Nirbhaya’s parents expressed happiness and said Nirbhaya finally got justice though it was delayed and appealed to the Government to rectify the loophole in the laws so that it wouldn’t set a trend for culprits to follow in the days to come.


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