Nitin’s Bheeshma turns ‘Vasool Raja’


Telangana’s blue-eyed boy Nitin has once again made it on the big screen after a long gap with his latest flick ‘Bheeshma’ scoring well at the box office. The collections on its second day today indicated to this effect as it had crossed the day one’s collection.

Although the storyline was not so unique, the way director Venki Kudumula had handled especially the comedy scenes impressed the audience. The performance of Nitin and heroine Rashmika worked well in the first half. Nitin’s performance was somewhat different from routine.

Director appears to have lost slight grip over the second half. However, the dialogues, especially between hero Nitin and Sampath, sent the audience into splits. Venky did prove that he could be the best bet after Trivikram in handling comedy scenes. There was potential for emotions in the second off which director did ignore and depending on comedy alone might boomerang sometimes.

The dialogues especially “Tabala yenta costly ayithe emiti..Vaayinchevaadu weak ayithe? (So what if drums are costly when the drummer is weak)”, ‘I am a victim sir. Not a Witness”, “Naa love kooda Vijaya Malya lantidi. Kanipistundi. Kani Pattukolenu. (My love is also like Vijaya Malya. It can be seen. But can’t catch it”), and “IAS means I Am Single” etc. have caught up with the audience pretty well.

Mahati Sagar’s playback music was interesting, songs are ok. Choreography for Nitin and Rashmika dances were good besides stunts and photography too was very impressive. Overall the entire teamwork worked in favour of the movie’s success.

MaaHyd Rating: 3.25