Now Nilofar to Hit Gujarath on Oct.30





Hyderabad, Oct.27 (Telemedia) : After Hudhud that hit India’s eastern coast on 12th of this month, it’s now turn of another cyclonic storm termed as ‘Nilofar’ as suggested by Pakistan this time. Its impact is likely to be felt mid-week in Kutch area of north Gujarat. This Tropical Cyclone Nilofar that began on Saturday in the middle of the Arabian Sea and will bring impacts to parts of Oman, Pakistan and India this week.

The severe cyclonic storm Nilofar is expected to hit Gujarat around Naliya on the morning of October 31st. The Gujarath state’s Met department at Ahmedabad predicted that the severe cyclonic storm prevailing over west central Arabian sea is expected to hit at a maximum speed of 125 kilometre per hour at the time of landfall around Naliya.

‘The wind speed would be at 45-55 kilometre per hour to a maximum of 65 kilometre per hour along and off the Gujarat coast will reach upto 100-110 kilometre per hour to a maximum speed of 125 kilometre per hour at the time hitting the ground,” said deputy director Manorama Mohanty.


Mohanty further added that Gujarat will witness heavy to very heavy rainfall on October 30 and 31. “There will be no or negligible rainfall before October 30. However, at the time when Nilofar will hit Gujarat, there will be heavy to very heavy rainfall across the state with high intensity on Suarashtra and Kutch region,” she added. As per the IMD forecast, the cyclone is expected to recede on October 31 and November 1.

A Red alert was issued to the ports and fishermen to return to their coast abandoning all their works immediately and people in the affected areas were asked to remain indoors around the landfall time on October 31.