NSUI storms Pragati Bhavan, president Venkat arrested

NSUI President Balamoor Venkat is seen climbing up the iron fencing in front of Pragati Bhavan today

Cops arrest Telangana NSUI state President Balamoor Venkat along with other NSUI Students’ activists for trying to siege Pragati Bhavan in protest of the Government’s decision to go ahead with the CET Exams here today.

He said CM has taken a decision to conduct exams when the matter is pending in the High Court. In this attempt, activists were prevented by the police personnel and several of them were arrested. They were taken to the Goshamahal stadium where the CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka, MLA Jagga Reddy, Ajan Kumar Yadav, Sridhar Babu and Vikram Goud went to meet the NSUI president. However, the cops denied permission for the leaders to enter the stadium.

NSUI students staging a protest in front of Pragati Bhavan

Venkat said in a statement that “the TRS government which utterly failed to arrest the spread of Coronavirus, making every attempt to conduct the exams only to risk the students’ lives. It is evident from Karnataka’s KCET Exam that the students will be easily infected with the virus if exams are conducted in this pandemic situation. Taking a cue from Karnataka’s incident, Telangana government should abstain from conducting any exam”.

NSUI President Balamoor Venkat is seen caught by police after jumping into the Pragathi Bhavan.

He demanded for the cancellation of Final year examinations and the postponement of all CET Exams until the situation becomes normal.

NSUI students are seen attempting to storm the Pragati Bhavan today