Numaish 2020 to take off on Jan 1st

Health Minister and Chairman of Exhibition Society seen addressing media conference.

The annual Numaish by the Exhibition Society is set to take off from January 1, 2020, on a grand scale. The 80th All India Industrial Exhibition will last up to February 15, 2020.

Unlike last year, the Exhibition Society has taken elaborate measures to contain any untoward incidents this year following directions from court on the Fire, Disaster Prevention & Safety to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for visitors and exhibitors.

It may be recalled a fire accident occurred on January 30 2019, reduced the entire exhibition to ashes following which the High Court took the matter seriously and issued directions recently to deposit 50 crores.

Following are the measures taken at the Numaish by the Exhibition Society:

  • The general layout of the exhibition ground is such that the stalls and buildings are well separated & maintained.
  • Total 9 gates, including 3 entry and exit gates and 6 emergency exit gates are provided.
  • Total area of Exhibition Grounds is 32 acres which is divided as follows:
    1. Permanent buildings – 11 acres
    2. Net area available – 21 acres
    3. Stalls area – 7 acres
    4. Holding / open areas – 1.5 acres
    5. Roads and lawns – 12.5 acres
  • The holding capacity of the Exhibition Grounds is more than 80,000 people. Maximum crowd is expected on weekends and holidays. However, at any given time it has been observed that a maximum of about 30,000 people are present within the Exhibition Grounds including visitors and stall holders.
  • The exhibition runs daily from 3 pm to 10.30 pm on week days and from 3 pm to 11 pm on weekends & holidays from 1st January to 15th February.
  • On an average 20 lakh visitors attend the All India Industrial Exhibition (AIIE) every year.
  • Compared to previous years, number of stalls in 2020 is reduced to provide more open spaces for the public and movement of Fire Engines.
  • The Exhibition Grounds is provided with well laid water pipe ring main type Fixed Fire Protection System, portable Fire Extinguishers, Water Drums and Sand Buckets at regular intervals.
  • Two underground sumps, each holding 1,50,000 litres of water fitted with 2 sets of high-power motors (2,250 LPM 72 HP electrical pump for hydrant, 180 LPM 5 HP Jockey pump and 2,250 LPM 72 HP diesel engine pump); along with underground pipelines running all over the Exhibition Grounds.
  • 80 Water Yard Hydrants at 30-meter intervals each fitted with 2 hose reels of 30 meters each capable of discharging 900 litres / minute and shooting water up to a distance of 50 meters, covering every nook and corner of the Exhibition Grounds are provided.
  • Two Fire Tenders and Fire Motorcycles will be stationed in the Exhibition Grounds.
  • A Fire command centre at a strategic location is placed within the Exhibition Grounds.
  • Electrical Wiring:
    1. 100% Underground electrical cabling running approximately for 1.3 km in length have been laid across the Exhibition Grounds replacing overhead electrical lines. 
    2. 32 Distribution Boxes with MCCBs have been installed for distribution of load equally to all the stalls. 
    3. Earthing for all stalls and distribution boxes has been done.
    4. Electrical wiring to stalls is provided through PVC pipes avoiding loose wiring.
    5. Electrical wiring inside the stalls has been done with new copper wire.
    6. Each stall is provided with 1KVA MCB, in addition for every 10 stalls 2nd MCB and MCCBs & MCB control at main control board are provided.
    7. Iron poles are used for distribution boxes.
  • Power:
    1. Total connected load: 2 sub-stations each with 1,300 KVA connected load (total 2,600 KVA)
    2. Transformers: 2 sub-stations each with 3 nos. of 500 KVA and 1 no. of 315 KVA transformers
    3. Diesel Generator Sets: 6 nos. of 125 KVA capacity each to take care of street lighting, gates, holding areas, etc., in case of power failure
  • Sufficient lighting is provided throughout the Exhibition Grounds, including entry / exit gates and parking areas.
  • Auto-glow signages in English, Telugu and Urdu are provided indicating all entry / exit points, locator maps and information regarding local Police Station, Fire Station and Hospitals for proper and speedy evacuation in times of emergency.
  • Clear routes for smooth movement of fire vehicles and visitors are provided.
  • Well-equipped Medical Centre manned by experienced Doctors and trained medical staff with Ambulances to handle medical emergencies is provided.
  • Public Address System to make regular or emergency announcements is provided.
  • CCTV surveillance with round the clock monitoring is provided.
  • All entry / exit points are manned by experienced security personnel with Dog Squads equipped with DFMD’s and HHMD’s, scanning and frisking all persons entering the Exhibition Grounds.
  • Strict enforcement of prohibition of items such as petroleum products, explosive items, gas cylinders, weapons, cigarettes, contraband material, etc.
  • Three gates for entry & exit, and additional six gates for emergency exits (total 9 gates) along the periphery are provided.
  • Seven Open spaces are provided at various locations for people to assemble during emergencies and easy evacuation from the nearest exit point.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of entire Exhibition Grounds including lifting of debris has been outsourced to a private organization.
  • There are 5 Toilet Blocks in the Exhibition Grounds, with 54 toilets, 45 bathrooms and 75 urinals for gents, and 47 toilets/urinals and 15 bathrooms for ladies. In addition to these, provision is also made for mobile toilets. Maintenance of these toilet blocks has been outsourced to a semi-government organization.
  • Fumigation of entire Exhibition Grounds will be undertaken periodically during the Exhibition period to avoid any Mosquito Menace with the co-operation of GHMC.
  • Drinking water facilities are provided at 4 locations each with 2,500 litres storage capacity for the convenience of the public from our R.O.Water Plant.
  • Parking: Total 9.72 acres spread over:
    1. Gruha Kalpa (0.78 acres) 
    2. Indira Bhavan (1 acre)
    3. Commercial Taxes Building (0.26 acre)
    4. Warehouse (1.68 acres)
    5. Indira Priyadarshini College (3.93 acres)
    6. Gagan Vihar (1.34 acres)
    7. Chandra Vihar (0.7 acres)
  • This is more than 40% of the area of Exhibition Grounds. These parking areas will be manned by security personnel and our 40 Volunteers help Traffic Police.
  • Exhibition Society has formed Sub-Committees to look after the various aspects including Volunteers, Internal Security, Watch & Ward, Disaster Management, etc., are manned by 500 trained persons to handle emergency situations and all security aspects.
  • Training programs and mock drills in using fire extinguishers, etc., are conducted for teams handling Disaster Management, Internal Security, Watch & Ward, Volunteers, staff of Exhibition Society and all stall holders by Telangana State Disaster Response & Fire Services Department.


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