One dead, 2 injured in a fire mishap on Christmas eve in US, Coudriet family seeks privacy

Danny, Kari, and their son Cole. Kari dies while 2 others undergoing treatment in hospital.

One Indian teenager died while 2 others sustained serious injuries in a fire accident during Christmas day celebrations in Coudriet family-owned house in Tennessee, US. All the 3 are siblings with Indian roots.

According to the details available, the fire started around 11 pm (US time) at the Coudriet home where the three teenagers identified as Danny, Kari, and Cole sustained burns. They are here in the US attending an Academy in the states. The Naik family are Missionaries in India.

The other members of Coudriet family – Sharron, Joy and Aaron, were all at home at the time of the incident. The Coudriet family is the Missionary family from India. Danny and Cole were able to make it while Kari breathed her last. Danny and Cole were both taken to the ER for minor burn treatment but they are expected to make a full recovery. 

Though the incident occurred 3-days ago the Coudriet family issued a statement today seeking privacy for them at this hour of crisis. “Please respect this family and give them the time and ability to process information before posting any details on all media and social media outlets”, they said.

They also requested the Church family to remove public postings of the tragic event on social media to protect Missionaries until further notice.