One Lakh reward announced in Ramesh hospital case

Vijayawada City Police Commissioner B Srinivasulu

Vijayawada City Commissioner of Police Bathini Srinivasulu has announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh to anyone who gives information on whereabouts of management of Ramesh Hospitals.

Addressing a press conference at his office here on Thursday, the CP said the investigation into a major fire accident at Swarna Palace is in progress. Reiterating that Rs 1 lakh reward would be given to any person providing information on whereabouts of key persons accused of being responsible for the fire accident. He assured justice to the deceased and those injured in the incident.

The CP called upon the Ramesh Hospitals management to surrender to the police and observed that it was unfortunate that Ramesh hospital’s management is not cooperating in the investigation into the incident despite being a responsible professional in the society. He appealed to the Ramesh hospital’s management to cooperate with investigating agencies.

Reacting to criticism from certain quarters, the CP said the Police Department works dispassionately rising above caste or religious considerations and categorically said he would not respond to allegations made by irresponsible people. Srinivasulu expressed concern that both accused and suspects were not cooperating in the investigation and observed that investigation would be expedited. He said the guilty would be brought to justice.

Special teams have fanned out to Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad to search for the accused in the case. He said no information is available on the nature of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) reached between Ramesh Hospitals and Swarna Hotel management. No Objection Certificate (NOC) was not obtained from the Fire Services Department and GO No.71 on setting up Covid centre was brazenly violated, he added.

The CP said 26 out of 31 patients tested negative for Covid-19. No one related to the Ramesh Hospitals management was available and there is no trace of minutes of the meeting of the Hospital Board of Directors, he said.

The CP said the investigation revealed that exorbitant amounts were collected for treatment from Covid victims and said notices were served on Ramesh Hospitals Board members according to Sections 91 and 161. Notices would be issued to others also if their involvement in the case was proved.

Stating that 10 persons had lost their lives, he said 8 of them were found to be Covid negative. The Police Department is mainly focusing on the top management of Ramesh Hospitals, he warned the accused and suspects to cooperate with the police. He said there would have been no loss life had the hospital management responded immediately after the fire broke out. The Covid centre was run without taking any precautions or following guidelines.