Online listing of non-agricultural properties for Dharani begins


The much-publicised Dharani portal has been conceptualised by Government of Telangana as a comprehensive system for safeguarding ownership and streamlining transactions related to immovable property in the state.


A discretion-less, transparent and hassle-free system for instant registration and mutation of properties is being introduced. It will be based on Aadhaar enabled biometric verification of the owner’s identity. 

A digital database of agricultural properties has already been created and Pattadar passbooks (green) have been issued. Now, a similar database is proposed to be created for non-agricultural properties for which maroon colour Non-Agriculture Immovable Property Passbooks (NPBs) will be issued.

The maroon passbooks will be printed with state of the art security features. The data furnished by property owners will be stored in an encrypted format on dedicated state government servers and will be used solely for the purpose of Dharani. 

In this regard, requisite information is already being collected from property owners using a specially designed Mobile App. Over 24,400 officials have been deployed across the state to interact with property owners for collection of data. As on October 17, 2020, more than75.74 lakh properties have been enlisted.

To further supplement the effort, two new channels have been created for property owners in GHMC and other Municipalities to furnish information which is as follows:

  1. Property owners can access the portal and update details on their own using the URL
  2. By using the services of MeeSeva
  3. This facility of enlisting properties at MeeSeva will be available free. In this regard, service charges payable to MeeSeva will be borne by GHMC/Municipality concerned.
  4. Property owners will have to furnish the following information:
  5. Aadhaar number (to protect property from fraudulent transactions) 
  6. Mobile number (to send alerts/information to owners regarding their property)
  7. Family member details as declared by owner (for securing property rights of family members) 
  8. Photograph of the owner (for printing on the maroon NPB)
  9. The extent of the plot/Built-up area
  10. The above information is required to be furnished by the property owner on a voluntary basis. However, the properties of such owners would not be migrated to the new system.
  11. Both the above channels are available with immediate effect for GHMC and Municipalities.  Those who have already enlisted through property through Mobile App need not enlist again using the above channels.
  12. The modalities for registration of properties by NRIs, OCIs and foreign nationals will be issued separately.


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