Ordinance for deferment of payments issued


The Telangana State government has issued an ordinance empowering it to make an absolute provision for deferment of any payment to anyone in the state in the event of any disaster and public health emergency.

The ordinances state that a special provision is created in the law for the deferment of any payment by the state government in part due to any person, institution and any pay, pension, and remuneration in part to any employee, any pensioner and any persons, in the event of any disaster and public health emergency in the state, and the matters connected or incidental therewith.

The Governor promulgates the ordinance under Clause 1 of Article 213 of the Indian Constitution since the state assembly is not in vogue and shall come into force throughout the state with effect from March 22, 2020.

It is believed that KCR had to come up with ordinance due to some employees approaching the Courts against the state government’s decision to impose cuts in the salaries of government employees and pensioners besides ministers and MLAs.