Pak shows JK, Ladakh and Junagadh as their territory in its Political Map

New political map of Pakistan released by Pak Govt today.

Perhaps, taken a cue from the Nepal, Pakistan government on Tuesday released their country’s revised map showing Junaghad, Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh as part of their land.

Pak announced in a tweet that Imran Khan had released the country’s new political map today. Radio Pakistan in a separate tweet announced Prime Minister Imran Khan as saying that the new official map will henceforth be used in the school curriculum.

In a separate video message, the Pak premier said the new political map reflects the aspirations of his country and will be henceforth used at all forums officially including at international forums.

The tweet received flak from all quarters and war of words between Indians and Pakistanis. Indian netizens made a mockery of Pak’s move while others side kept countering in this regard saying that time has come for India to take back its lost land making an Akhand Bharath.

We hereby present our readers the Akhand Bharath Political Map for information:

Akhand Bharath map