Pak shuts down Tablighi units after 3 deaths, 143 positive cases reported

Picture shows a congregation at Tablighi Jamaat in Lahore - File Photo from Wikimapia

The positive Corona cases in neighbouring Pakistan has reached its peak by crossing the mark of 2000 while the deaths registered at 27 till date with 3 more reporting today.

The total number of cases reached at 2071 out of which 740 from Punjab and 676 from Sindh province alone. However, the KPK has 253 cases, while Baluchistan has 158, Islamabad 54, Gilgit Baltistan 84 besides POK has only 6 cases detected so far.

The US News & World Report reported today that Pakistan has come cracking down on the Tablighi Jamaat units in Lahore and other parts today only to seal off its branches across the country after the yesterday’s crackdown by Police in Nizamuddin area in New Delhi. The report also said that over 143 Tabilghi members were tested positive and 3 others died due to COVID virus in Pakistan.

According to Pak media reports that its PM Imran Khan was unwilling for a complete lockdown as it may have an adverse impact on its economy as a result of which the number of cases is being shot up every day. WHO has already warned Pakistan in this regard.

Although Pakistan has imposed certain restrictions on its public moments in groups in order to maintain social distance which seems to have failed to work as in Imran’s words ‘40% of the Pakistanis are under below the Poverty Line who eke out a livelihood on daily basis’.

It also appears that Pakistan is also going to be worst affected due to the Tablighi episode as it was found they were the biggest spreader after the return of Shia pilgrims from Iran. It is said that the Ijtema was held despite warnings from the government not to hold the congregation in Raiwind, on the outskirts of Lahore, in the second week of March.

Similar congregations were also held in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province where thousands attended. Within a day health authorities began to detect COVID Positive cases among them. It was also reported that only a couple of days back, around 500 Tablighis, including 100 foreigners from South-East Asia, Central Asia, West Asia and Africa, were quarantined in Sukkur town of Sindh. A report in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz claims that people who attended the congregation in Raiwind have already spread the virus from Kyrghztan to Gaza.