“Pandlu Tinandi, Corona nu Tarimi Kottandi” is the new slogan of KCR


“Pandlu Tinandi, Corona nu Tarimi Kottandi” is the new slogan of the Telangana Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao who has taken up a multi-pronged strategy to handle the present challenging situation. On a number of occasions, he has stressed on the need to have a relook at our dietary habits and to make fruits an essential part of our diet. 

Based on the Chief Ministers directions and having inputs from National Institute of Nutrition and Senior Biotech scientists, the departments of agriculture, horticulture and marketing have launched a “Fruits on Friday & Saturday” Campaign.

The fruits cultivated in Telangana like Sweet Lime- Mausambi (85% is exported to other locations in the country and abroad), Mango is rich in Vitamin C and provide the much needed immune boosting which is considered one of the criteria in reducing the impact of the corona. “Fruits on Friday & Saturday” campaign includes sending fruits in considerable quantities along with the Mobile Rythu Bazars, media campaign to promote fruit diet, sending exclusive “Mobile fruit vehicles “to RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations & gated communities). 

The measure to supply fruits to the “Containment Clusters” -20 in Hyderabad and 110 in Telangana is under consideration. This will ensure that the farmers have a ready market and the people of Telangana will have affordable and immune promoting Mausambi, Tomato and Mango right at their doorstep. The information from farmers revealed that the “Himayat” variety of Mango is available in large quantities in Mahbubabad. A decision was also taken to network with supermarket chains to provide the farmers with an avenue for their produce. 

“Pandlu Tinandi, Corona nu Tarimi Kottandi” could benefit both the farmers and improve the health quotient of the citizen