Pharma Pollution: Cow dies after drinking chemical-mixed water


The chronic chemical pollution in the underground water resources has once again shown its impact with the death of cattle in Farooq mandal in Ranga Reddy district today.


According to the information, the cow belonging to a local farmer hailing from Rangampalli village died after it consumed the chemical mixed water. With the death of the cow, the farmer has complained that he had bought the cow for Rs 80,000 just a month ago and today it died due to polluted waters in the area. However, he charged that no one cared for his complaint and unable to know whom to complain.

Such incidents have become a common phenomenon in the and it is not yet known how many cattle have died in the area. The environmental activists and several civil societies have been vociferously demanding to shift the pharma industries to the outskirts and as a result of which not only cattle but human losses are equally on the rise in the area making the authorities to become thick-skinned.



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