Pokriyal wants North-South to learn each others’ languages

Union Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal is seen addressing after virtually inaugurating the regional Centre of Central Institute of Hindi, Agra in Hyderabad

“Hindi” is a language which has elegance and lexicon as well. This will probably be a language with more than 9 lakh words and this power is definitely coming from its relationship with these 22 languages of the country”, said the Union Minister for Education Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank.


Speaking after virtually inaugurated the newly constructed building of the Hyderabad regional centre of the Central Institute of Hindi, Agra here today, Ramesh Pokhriyal said in the new education policy, we have come up with education in the mother tongue. Language is not the word, but the spirit. In language, there is tradition, culture, life and value. The Central Hindi Institute has 08 centres dedicated to Hindi.

“I expect all those who are associated with these 08 centres that they strive to make Hindi a contact language for 130 crore people”, he said.

He informed the Hyderabad Centre building has been inaugurated on the land donated by Padma Bhushan Moturi Satyanarayan, an ardent follower of Mahatma Gandhi, and thanked the Telangana government and asked Minister Malla Reddy who was also present to convey the same to the Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao.

He further stated quoting Mahatma Gandhi as said that the nation which does not have the official language is dumb. All our languages are the same and we have to empower all of them including Hindi that connects all languages.

Many countries have provided education in the mother tongue. Examples of countries like Germany, France, Japan, Israel etc. are in front of us. All these countries have made a lot of progress in the field of research and technology by studying in the mother tongue. We also have to know foreign languages, but should not leave our roots. We are trying to make Indian Language University so that people from different regions can learn the languages ​​of different states. It is very important that the people of the North learn the languages ​​of the South and the people of the South know the languages ​​of the North. This country will be one only if we are familiar with each other’s culture, tradition and food.

Prime Minister is very concerned about the development of regional languages ​​of India. He also has in his mind – Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat. I request the states to implement the system of education in the mother tongue. The new education policy will act as a cornerstone in developing Indian languages. The Central Hindi Institute can have a very big role in this regard. The objectives for which the institute has been set up should fulfil those objectives. About 14 thousand students/teachers have received training from the Hyderabad centre. They are all Hindi ambassadors. I believe that people will get direction in the near future through the Central Institute of Hindi.

The Minister for Labour and Employment CH Malla Reddy who chaired the program requested the Telangana government to provide more land to the institute so that Hindi lovers will have a lot more facilities in future.

The others who participated in the inaugural programme include director of Central Institute of Hindi, Agra, Prof. Bina Sharma, Secunderabad Cantonment MLA G Sayanna, MLC N Ramchandra Rao, and Vice President, Central Hindi Teaching Board, Agra Anil Sharma ‘Joshi’.

The technical coordination was conducted by Anupam Shrivastava and the anchoring was done by Dr JyotsnaRaghuvanshi at Headquarters, Agra. A multimedia presentation of the Hyderabad centre was presented on the occasion in which the features of the newly constructed building of the Hyderabad centre were introduced.

The Regional Center Hyderabad carried out its activities since 1976 on a rented building. The newly built four-storeyed building with the ground floor on the plot received from the Telangana government has been constructed through the Central Public Works Department, Hyderabad at a cost of about Rs 5.67 crore in 1000 square yards.



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