Ponnam asks Vani Devi not to become a pawn in KCR’s game plan


Former MP and TPCC leader from Karimnagar Ponnam Prabhakar accused the KCR of using the family members of even PV Narasimha Rao for his dirty politics by fielding his daughter Surabhi Vani Devi in the Hyderabad-RR-Mahabubnagar MLC elections.


In a video message released here today, Ponnam Prabhakar charged that the KCR has no love for PV and only shedding crocodile tears. “It at all he has got true affection towards him (PV), better nominate his daughter Vani Devi under Governor’s quota or nominate her to Rajyasabha. But fielding her from a constituency wherein TRS is weak is only shows his political drama”, he alleged.

He also appealed to the PV’s daughter Vani Devi to rethink her decision to contest as she might end up becoming yet another pawn in the KCR’s political stunt.



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