Prepare a strategy to live with Covidvirus while fighting it out: KCR tells officials


The CM has instructed the officials to plan a strategy for the people to live with Corona while implementing measures to contain the virus. The CM said no one knows how long Corona will be in existence. Hence, despite the presence of Corona, a perfect strategy and plan should be made to lead the lives.

The CM held a review meeting here at Pragathi Bhavan on Monday on measures taken to contain the Virus and implementation of the lockdown. Home Minister Mehmood Ali, Chief Advisor Rajiv Sharma, Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar, DGP Mahender Reddy, Special Chief Secretary (Medical and Health) Ms Shanta Kumari, Principal Secretaries Narsing Rao, Ramakrishna Rao and others participated.


“Take fool-proof methods to contain the spread of Coronavirus. Give the best service to the Corona Virus positive patients as is done now. Conduct tests on those came in contact with the positive persons. Implement Quarantine procedure so that the virus does not spread from person to person. We are ready with all the equipment, medicines, and facilities. We will respond properly from the medical side and there is no doubt about that,” the CM said.

“While continuing our fight with Corona, we have to be ready in other aspects too. Some economic activity should take place. There are certain relaxations in the Green and Orange zones. The officials should study in-depth on how to give relaxations in future, what kind of strategy to be implemented in which zone? What should be allowed and what should not be allowed? What measures to be taken in Hyderabad? How to act in other districts? What precautions that people should take? What sectors should be given relaxations? On what issues there should be strict conditions? He wanted the officials to give a report on these issues.