Primitive Tribe to visit city for first time


Chenchus1The Chenchus are a designated Scheduled Tribe in the Indian states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Odisha. They are an aboriginal tribe whose traditional way of life has been based on hunting and food gathering. Many Chenchus’ live in the dense Nallamala forest tracts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Most of them are illiterates and are away of main stream. We can find these Chenchus here and there in few plain areas of Warangal district also.


The Chenchu families residing in Bhoopalpally Constituency are having almost similar features. They are at the bottom of the ladder of socio-economic development. They are poorest of the poor. Infact, they are ultra-poor. The social, economic, political and cultural development that has taken place across the country hasn’t either included or influenced them. Until recent months even they don’t have electricity supply to their village. Thanks to the initiation of Sri Sirikonda Madhusudana Chary, Hon’ble Speaker, Telangana Legislative Assembly, Hyderabad and MLA, Bhoopalpally, in taking special interest to provide them the power supply. It is not a surprise to note that most of these families haven’t visited Warangal, the district headquarter at least once in their life.

Keeping all these facts in his mind Sri. Sirikonda Madhusudana Chary, Hon’ble Speaker and MLA, Bhoopalpally is organizing a mega programme on 1st September, 2014. On that day, he is planning to bring the Chenchu families residing in his constituency on a tour to Warangal. The programme starts at 8.00 am at Bhoopalpally. The visit of Chenchus’ has been designed in such a way that they can have glimpse of the historical and pilgrimage centers situated in tri-city. The route covers Fort Warangal, Bhadrakali Temple, Thousand Pillars Temple, Kakatiya University Campus, Collectorate and finally they will enjoy a special film show screened exclusively for them in Amrutha Theatre, Hanamkonda.

For this day long marathon programme the local, state, national and international media is to cover this historical event. Those interested to take part can contact Prof. G.Bhaskar on 09849691741.