Private hospitals continue to fleece Covid patients despite Govt orders

ICU unit in a covid hospital - Representational pic.

Here is a glaring example for the loot mar by private hospitals in Hyderabad. A bill for Rs 3,47,000 purportedly charged by the Yashoda hospital to treat a covid patient just for 6 days is doing rounds in Whatsapp and social media circles.

This whopping bill is for treating a 35-year-old patient from Yakutpura Mir Wahid Ali Khan for 6 days from June 19 to 24, 2020.

The netizens claim that bill has proved that the Government has no control over the private hospitals and they have been fleecing patients exorbitantly especially from Covid patients as if they were licensed to loot despite the fact that government has issued clear cut orders not to charge indiscriminately.

Though Telangana government has announced a tariff to be charged to treat a covid patient for a private hospital, it did not impose any ceiling limit for other charges rather it allowed them to charge for other expenditure including PPE kits, doctors fees, Dressing, Laboratory, Medical equipment, etc. etc. and the list goes on.

Following are the rates fixed by the Government of Telangana. In fact, these rates are the best announced so far by any other state. However, there seems to be no comparison with the bill the private hospital has charged and with the tariff, the government has announced.

A senior journalist who covered the recent meeting of Private hospital managements with the health Minister Etela Rajender over the tariff they announced last week, has quipped that perhaps they might have found a way to balance their profits after the Minister refuse to budge on their demand to increase the tariff.

When questioned one of the relatives of the patient told Maahyderabad: “What to do as we have no other option? We can’t fight with them Saab”.