Privatising Space activities is suicidal: CPI leader Narayana

  • NDA using even Pancha Bhoothas for commercial purpose
  • ISRO Chairman Sivan dancing to the tune of NDA
  • Sivan acting as the spokesman of NDA government

Centre’s decision to privatise space activities is suicidal, says the leader of Communist Party of India K Narayana.


In a statement issued here today, Narayana accused the BJP-led NDA government of utilising even the ‘Pancha Bhootas’ for the commercial purpose and now they did spare space which is the most integrated part of country’s security. “Approving private parties entering the space will pose a great threat to the nation especially when we are facing threats from the neighbouring countries”, he opined.

The government had plans for privatisation of ISRO since 2017. First, the Chairman of ISRO claimed in 2018 that only private sector participation will be there and no privatisation. Now, the government wants to set up an independent Board of Directors and ISRO will have no say in decisions. Commercial satellites are the most profitable business of ISRO and now it will go into private hands.

It is most unfortunate on the part of ISRO Chairman Sivan dancing to the tune of NDA decision and acting as the spokesman of NDA government. ISRO has a monopoly over the activities of space in India and emerged as the most prestigious institution. And now the government decision makes it weaken and the patriotic scientists will be demoralised.

The government had starved ISRO of funds and now they claim that privatisation gets more capital inflows. The Modi government can dole out lakhs of crores tax concessions to private companies but say they can not fund PSUs.

ISRO sends satellites cheaply and this helps in keeping our communication costs low. On line, classes can be conducted free. All this will end with privatisation besides being compromised at the nation’s security. Hence, Narayana said: “We demand the Modi government to withdraw the draconian decision to privatise the Space sector”.