Prove allegations or resign: Harish Rao challenges Bandi Sanjay

Minister for Finance T Harish Rao making a point at a press conference today

Minister for Finance Tanneer Harish Rao blamed the BJP party of indulging in Gobel’s propaganda in Dubbaka with regard to the allocation of funds by the Central government.


Addressing the media today, Harish Rao claimed that BJP leaders especially its president Bandi Sanjay had surpassed all limits and made Gobels be ashamed of himself. “Had Gobels alive today, he would have committed suicide after seeing the BJP leaders who have overtaken themselves indulging in Gobel’s propaganda”, said Harish.

Referring to a video being circulated in social media over an incident that occurred in Kalwakurthy elections in 2018, Harish said that video is being widely circulated by BJP cadre claiming it to have occurred at Dubbaka bypoll. “We have complained about this to the EC and the perpetrators were caught and sent to jail”, he said.

Harish Rao said that another propaganda being launched by BJP is Rs 3 crore central funds of STF sanctioned by the Centre had been swindled by TRS leaders which were released by the Municipal Commissioner to the contractor to construct a Town Hall in Dubbaka and temple in. The money was released even before the Contractor could start construction work of townhall.

He said such claims are far from the truth as no contractor had been finalised yet. “Hence, where is the question of releasing money and to whom?”, he questioned.

Harish Rao further condemned another claim of BJP Corporators from Karimnagar who is camping in Dubbaka that the centre is paying Rs 1600 out Rs2000 in the old-age pension scheme and Rs8000 is being given in KTR kits by the Centre while the state government is bearing only Rs400 and Rs2000 respectively in the above schemes.

Hence, he has thrown a challenge to the BJP leader Bandi Sanjay to come to Dubbaka centre and prove that the Centre is paying any money to these schemes. “If you prove that even a single rupee has been sanctioned by the Centre, I am prepared to resign and if you fail, will you resign to your BJP president post” questioned Harish.

He also expressed the hope that the results of Huzurnagar and Nizamabad will repeat in Dubbaka as well.