Prove charges or face legal action: AP BJP demands ouster of DGP

AP BJP President Somu Veerraju

President of Andhra Pradesh unit of Bharatiya Janata Party Somu Veeraraju demanded the ouster of AP DGP Gautham Sawang for what he termed creating confusion among people about the ongoing attacks on Hindu temples in Andhra Pradesh.


Addressing a media conference today, Some Veerraju said a letter to this effect had been written to the DGP in this regard seeking clarity on his accusations. He further accused the DGP of taking sides with the ruling party by blaming the opposition BJP and TDP political parties for the attacks on Temples. He said being head of a constitutional post, DGP is not supposed to take sides but violated the rule by blaming the BJP activists for the attacks. In fact, the social media postings are pointing out differently what DGP has been saying openly in press conferences which is totally misleading and may likely to create a wrong impression among people about the BJP.

Condemning the DGP’s statement, Somu Veeraraju demanded the ouster of Gautham Sawang from the DGP post as he is attempting to create confusion among people and thereby hurting the sentiments of the Hindu community. He also criticised him for foisting cases against BJP workers even for the social media posts claiming damage of idols due to Thithli Toofan.

“All his statements are aimed at deliberately affecting the reputation of our BJP party. And you have not spoken anything about a video of pastor Praveen Chakravarthy which you have brought into the picture to divert public attention. Being a responsible constitutional authority, you are not supposed to take sides of any political party. At the same time, you are also not supposed to blame any political party”, said Veeraraju which he said already been communicated to him in writing to give clarity on this or face legal action.