Rajsekhar resigns from MAA after a tiff with Chiranjeevi!


The cine actor Dr Rajasekhar’s outburst against Chiranjeevi yesterday at a Movie Artists Association (MAA) Diary release function brought forth the existing internal wranglings among the members of MAA.

It is said Rajasekhar’s ire at Chiranjeevi is not a new one and the differences among them have existed for quite some time now. It may be recalled, Chiru fans even attacked him physically at 2 instances earlier once at Vijayawada and another at Panjagutta in the city for criticising Chiranjeevi. And in continuation of this, the diary release function has come handy for Rajasekhar to behave wildly by snatching the mike from the hands of writer Paruchuru Gopala Krishna and began venting out his feelings alleging that Chiranjeevi wanted to hide the issues by speaking superficially.

Chiranjeevi turned angry at Rajasekhar and declared that the aggression of Rajasekhar was only preplanned and targeted to disrupt the program. ‘’His behaviour has to be foremost condemned and strong disciplinary action be taken against him. If he does not hold respect for elders like me, there is no apparent point in my attendance. ‘’Chiranjeevi said.

The adviser to MAA, Krishnamraju also found fault with Rajasekhar’s behaviour and sought disciplinary action against him. Rajasekhar again interfered and said that he never lived in a hypocritical way and would never continue in the manner Chiranjeevi desired and walked away from the place. Later, actress Jeevitha Rajasekhar apologized to Chiranjeevi for the gross behaviour of Rajasekhar saying that ‘Rajasekhar’s mind is like a child and not to take his words serious’.

However, it is learnt that Rajasekhar had tendered his resignation from the post of Vice President. It is speculated that Rajasekhar has been under the impression that MAA has been indirectly controlled by Chiranjeevi and nothing can be done in the organisation without Chiranjeevi’s consent though Chiru holds no position in MAA.


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