Retired IPS officer VK Singh comes down heavily on KCR Govt

Retired IPS officer VK Singh is seen addressing media at the Press Club, Basheerbagh

Retired IPS officer and former Inspector General of Prisons VK Singh charged that a sincere police officer has no place in Bangaru Telangana as it has become a ‘Kangaru Telangana’.


Addressing a media conference here at Press Club Basheerbagh today, VK Singh levelled serious allegations against the KCR government which he termed as highly corrupt and ‘government’s priority is to win elections and not the development in reality. He further charged that he had submitted for the Voluntary Retirement (VRS) in May 2020 “but the government in order to harass me cancelled my VRS and stopped all my benefits and issued me a charge memo. I wrote several letters to the government on various issues but there was no response.”, he said adding that “I have come to the job with a service motto and not for a living”.

VK Singh further announced that he was appointed as an advisor by the Punjab government but he had decided to be in Telangana and fight for the Self-Respect of the Telangana people against the family rule. “No officer can speak anything. Everybody is scared. If anyone speaks out, he will be harassed”, he said adding that several officers are silent due to fear of harassment.

Singh further said that Telangana state has no place for a sincere and good officer as the state is in second place in Corruption in the country. Terming the KCR rule as Tuglaq rule, VK Singh said there was a complete failure of administration in the state. He also opined that there was no necessity to demolition and rebuild the secretariat. Its a sheer waste of public money. Besides, he said, Telangana is not meant for a few leaders and he would fight for the people of Telangana seeking justice.

VK Singh also declared that he would declare his next course of action within 15 days.