RGV back to his histrionics, releases first look poster on ‘Disha’

The first look poster of the RGV's movie, Disha.

No sooner, the Nalgonda Murder story of Praveen died down, the eccentric filmmaker Ramgopal Verma popularly known as RGV back to his yet another gimmick. This time the RGV chose the sensational story of Disha who was brutally burnt to death after being gang raped in the city who was later shot dead by cops in an encounter.

He released the first look poster of this proposed movie today as announced this morning. He tweeted: “Here is the 1st look film poster of DISHA ENCOUNTER made on the brutal gang rape, killing and burning of a young woman in Hyderabad on NOVEMBER 26th 2019..Teaser release SEPTEMBER 26th.Film release NOVEMBER 26, 2020” 

He also shared the few photographs here:

An imaginary scene from the Disha movie
An imaginary scene from the Disha movie


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