Rice will be supplied to every beneficiary: Mareddy Srinivas Reddy


Civil Supplies Corporation Chairman Mareddy Srinivas Reddy assured the beneficiaries to supply the required quantity of rice as per the instruction of Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao.

Speaking at a reviewing meeting here today, Chairman said that as per the instructions of CM KCR 12 kg free rice will be distributed to 2.80 crores beneficiaries in Telangana. He said, as beneficiaries all are coming one at a time to the Ration Shops they are getting crowded and transactions are getting slowed.

He requested that who have taken token only to come to Ration shops and take rice. Due to small technical problems in State Data Centre (SDC) server went down, Civil Supplies Commissioner P Satyanarayana Reddy immediately spoke with IT Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan and cleared the obstacles. 

He further clarified that in last two-days record transactions were registered at ration shops as 14 lakh ration card holders took 55,561 metric tons of rice on two days April 1st and 2nd. Yesterday till afternoon, another 4 lakh people have taken rice, he said.

He said there is no need to get panic as 3.34 lakh metric tons of rice is ready to be supplied to 2.80 crores beneficiaries before the end of this month. Ration shops will work from 7 AM to & 7 PM every day as exemption has been given to ration shops during the lockdown.

He said Biometric has been made compulsory as we need to end the ration details in the Anna Vitaran Portal of the central government but Telangana government had some exemptions in this policy. Beneficiaries who are obtaining ration regularly, for the last three months can get rice without biometric option, beneficiaries who are taking rice through Portability should compulsorily have to take rice by using the biometric machine. 

Every Ration Cardholder will get Rs. 1500 through rice disbursement scheme, the amount will be credited in their accounts and there is no link if only rice is taken amount will be given. The officials are taken necessary measures for the smooth transactions, he declared.