RTC deliberations fail as both sides stick to their guns


The deliberations between RTC employees and the management held here at ENC office in Erramanzil has utterly failed as both sides stuck to their guns. 

The meeting which took off as per the schedule was abruptly called off. Trade unions claimed that the management had interpreted the court orders and confined itself to the 21 demands out of 26 which they have submitted to the court. 

Addressing the media after the exit from the meeting hall, the Chairman of Telangana RTC Employees JAC Ashwathama Reddy alleged that the management was not interested in holding the discussions with true spirit. “They asked us throughout the meet whether ‘we would walk out’ each time we refuse their proposal. However, we made them very clear that the court had not restricted the deliberations only to the 21 items leaving the other demands.”, he alleged.

He also demanded the government to call for a legal opinion of the court judgement from the luminaires from outside of the government to study whether its order confined the deliberations only to the 21 demands as being argued by the government.

Ashwathama Reddy said that the proposed state bandh on October 30th would be held as usual.