Join duties or else lose jobs, Govt tells striking RTC employees


The Managing Director of TS RTC has appealed to all the striking employees to join back their duties by giving a willing letter to either at District Collectorates, Office of Superintendent of Police, RDO, DSP, Depot Managers, Divisional Managers and Regional Managers and all those workers working under Hyderabad jurisdiction can handover the letter at Bus Bhavan on or before midnight today.

It may be recalled, the CM KCR has warned the striking RTC employees of losing their jobs if they fail to join duties by today midnight. This was announced on Friday. However, there was a poor response to his call as hardly 2 dozen people might have joined back in duties exhibiting the unity of trade unions in this regard. It has to be seen whether how many more would join their duties back by the end of the day today.

The state government is of the firm view that an opportunity has been given to them to join back duties before the deadline and it is up to them whether to protect or lose their jobs and subsequently make their families suffer. The government has made it clear that if the workers and employees do not join the duties by the expiry of the deadline, the rest of 5000 routes and private buses will be given permits and then there would not be any entity called RTC in the State.

Further, the government is of the view that the RTC union leaders are misleading workers and employees showing the High Court hearing of the case as an excuse. But according to legal experts, the High Court has not given any directives on the strike to the government. There is nothing the court can do. If the High Court verdict is contrary, having come this far on the matter, both the RTC and government would appeal in the Supreme Court. If the case goes to the Supreme Court the matter would be delayed much further. Going by the past experiences, the case in the Supreme Court may drag on for months and years to come. It will become a never-ending battle for the employees. Hence this will not do any good for the workers.”