Sanitation workers appeal old city folks respect law of the land


In a surprise move on Friday, the GHMC has organised a what can be called as an unwarranted gathering of sanitation workers only to take a pledge at the Charminar here today although it was aimed at educating the old city-folks about the importance of respecting the law of the land.

Though the purpose of the gathering was not really known especially in this volatile situation during the lockdown period, the GHMC bosses including the Mayor Dr Bonthu Rammohan and Principle Secretary Aravind Kumar have addressed them from a makeshift podium erected near the monument that resembles no less than a public meeting.

Addressing the sanitation workers on the occasion, Mayor applauded the services of sanitation workers especially in this hour of crisis and made them take a pledge saying “We are all striving hard to keep the city clean at the risk of our lives for the welfare of the society and we appeal to the citizens to stay home stay safe till the end of the lockdown. We urge the public to cooperate with GHMC and the government to control the spread of Covid-19. We all collectively fight against the virus till its vanishes for our well being”

This appeal could have been made in many other ways without this huge gathering which may endanger the lives of these sanitation workers.

However, speaking on the occasion, the Mayor said 25,000 sanitary workers, DRF teams and Entomology wings, Health, Police wings are working efficiently even in virus-affected areas. The Government has given an incentive of Rs.7,500 to express solidarity with the sanitation workers.

Principal  Secretary Arvind Kumar while expressing gratitude to the sanitation workers said that over 3,233 vehicles were pressed into service for the lifting of garbage, and spraying of disinfectant chemical and urged the people to stay home.

However, it is understood that the programme has been organised to take the message of staying at home especially to the people residing in the old city area considering the high number of lockdown violations among them.       

Commissioner GHMC, Lokesh Kumar, MLA Mumtaz Ahmed Khan, EVDM Director, Vishwajit, OSD Srinivas Reddy, Zonal Commissioner Ashok Samrat participated in the programme.