Sarileru Neekevvaru – Average Comedy-drama with mass elements


The film Sarileru Neekevvaru is an average comedy-drama with mass elements. The first half is average and the 2nd half is weak. On the whole, the basic plot itself is weak. But the Director succeeded in presenting the comedy.

Though the Director mastered in Comedy, the dosage was a bit high in every scene. He attempted to make serious scene also into a comedy one and nothing new element was found in the script.

What worked out was Mahesh Babu which is unique. However, some mass elements are reasonable. Train episode is hilarious. Comedy in that episode worked out well.

The only special attraction in the movie was ‘Mind Block’ song and Mahesh Babu’s dance to its tunes. The youth in the theatre were couldn’t resist themselves from dancing. Mahesh dances and Rashmika glamour are the Surprising elements in the song.

Though the Comedy was good, emotion content was also weak. Though the screenplay was not tailor-made dialogues were hilarious such as “Pakkodi Cinema ki Darsakatva Paryavekshana Chesthe, Aa Kick ye Verandi”. (If we do the supervision of other movie direction, the kick will be totally different) “Hit Ayithe Credit Manam Teesukovachu” (If it becomes hit, we can take the credit). Flop Ayithe Vvadi Meeda Toseyachu” (If its a flop, we can throw the blame on him). “Nenu Pettina Prathi Rupayi Pourusham tho Thoda Kodutundi” (Every pie that I invest seeks challenge).

The background score, editing, Photography are all impressive. Art Direction is also good. The recreation of Kondareddy Buruju & Train sets are very good. Overall the Production values are up to the mark.

Heroine Rashmika played a perfect match to Mahesh Babu. Vijayashanti was double ok though she had a limited role. Prakash Raj, Rao Ramesh, Rajendra Prasad were all good. Mahesh fans may like the movie much because it is the first time for them to see Mahesh Babu in this new type of genre. Though openings are mindblowing, crossing 100 crore mark is a big task.

*Comedy Comedy comedy
*Mind block Song
*festival season

*Weak plot
*Emotion content

My rating: “2.75”