Review: Savaari lacks drive to hold audience


SAVAARI is a boring comedy-drama with bad Storytelling. The film right from the beginning to the ending lacks drive.

In fact, I expected a lot from this Director who made a short film “Bandham” which created excitement. But this is absolutely not his kind of stuff. What I feel is so when compared to the Bandham. The film is literally disappointing for me as it lacks neither any minimum Script values with a bad storyline. Some dude scenes are very cheap and the Screenplay is boring and the dialogues have no special mention except for “Munching lo ki Manchuria Unte Inka Manchiga Undedi”.

Photography is OK. Costumes are so so. Heroine costumes are good. Editing is OK. Art Direction is so so. One song is good. Background score is OK. The direction is not up to the mark. Nandu and Priyanka Sharma are ok. Rahul Ramakrishna’s voice for a horse is good. Remaining artists are OK.


*Cheap comedy

MaaHyd rating: “1” Disaster.