SBI cardholders can make payments through Google Pay now

SBI MD and CEO Ashwini Kumar Tewari

SBI Card today announced its collaboration with Google to enable cardholders to use their SBI Credit Cards on the Google Pay platform. SBI Credit Card users will now be able to make card payments using Google Pay app on their Android smartphones.


Cardholders can make safe and secure payments using Google Pay in three modes- via Tap and Pay at NFC enabled PoS terminals, by scanning Bharat QR code at the merchant as well as online payments, without using the physical credit card. This launch is in line with SBI Card’s endeavour to promote zero contact, digital forms of payments for safe and enhanced customer experience.

The highly secure payment experience is enabled through tokenisation, whereby cardholders use Google Pay to pay through a digital token attached to their phone, without having to share physical card information with the merchant. 

Currently, the feature is available for SBI Credit Cardholders on Visa Platform who will have to do a one-time registration of their SBI Card on Google Pay platform by following some simple steps:

  1. Download latest version of Google Pay app on Android mobile phone
  2. In settings under payment methods, press ‘Add Card’
  3. Enter Cardholder Name, Card Number, Expiry, CVV and Confirm OTP
  4. Post OTP authentication the card is registered for payments and can be used at NFC- enabled terminals, Bharat QR enabled merchants and for select online merchants

Commenting on the partnership, Managing Director and CEO, SBI Card Ashwini Kumar Tewari said: “The collaboration with Google Pay is another positive step in offering safe, convenient digital payment solutions to a vast user base. As smartphone penetration in India soars, credit cards have also changed form to reside securely on the mobile phone and our partnership with Google opens up a new, secure and seamless payment route for our customers using smartphones.”

SBI Cardholders can make payment using Google Pay via three modes:
Tap & Pay:
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