Second Shramik Special Train leaves for Bihar as TS reports nil case today

Migrant Labourers are seen lined up at many places to get themselves registered with police outposts for migration.

A Shramik Special Train carrying over 1,200 migrant workers to Khagaria in Bihar left from Hyderabad’s Ghatkesar Railway station today morning at 3.05 am.

This is the 2nd special train carrying workers leaving the city following the CM KCR’s decision to run 40 special trains every day to transport stranded migrant labourers to different destinations in the country.

A large number of migrant labourers were seen lined up at many places in the city at makeshift police outposts for getting registered themselves to travel to their destinations. A police official remarked that over 500 to 600 people have enrolled in a single day for travel in his jurisdiction.


Meanwhile, the total number of Covid cases in Telangana till now reached 1096 with 11 positive cases reporting today, Active cases are 471, Recovered cases are 585, and Deaths, however, recorded at 29.

So far, a total of 12,726 people have been cured at the national level. This takes our total recovery rate to 27.41%. The total number of confirmed cases as of now is 46,433. Since yesterday, an increase of 3,900 has been noted in the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases in India.

The total number of deaths reported so far is 1568 with 195 deaths reported since yesterday. As the highest increase so far in the number of confirmed cases and deaths has been reported in the last 24 hours, the centre has advised the States and UTs to effectively implement contact tracing, active case search and clinical management of cases.