Seethakka accuses TRS Govt of being insensitive to rape cases

Congress leaders led by MLA Seethakka is speaking at the protest at Telangana Martyrs Memorial

The Congress leaders led by the MLA Seethakka chose to register their protest against the series of rape incidents in the state by exhibiting Bathukamma.


Seethakka accused the government of being insensitive to the rapes being perpetrated by the accused as they go scot free. She was staging a dharna in front of the Telangana Martyrs memorial today.

TPCC spokesperson Indira Shobhan said that two girls of rape victims have died till date and neither government nor police have done nothing in this regard whereas government is keen on observing Bathukamma festival on a large scale which is a favourite festival of womenfolk in the state.

“This dual behaviour of the KCR government shows its insensitiveness as they are more focussed on vote-churning activities rather than protecting womenfolk”, said Indira Shobhan.

The others who took part in the protest include Sudha, Srinivas Goud, Jedson, Kalpana, Ujma, Vijay, and Shobha.

Congress leaders led by MLA Seethakka and TPCC Spoksperson Indira Shobhan paying home to the rape victims who died recently at Telangana Martyrs Memorial