SLBC works are near completion: Gutta accuses Cong of miscampaign

Chairman of Telangana Legislative Council Gutta Sukhendar Reddy and Deputy Chairman Nethi Vidhyasagar are seen addressing media today

Telangana Legislative Council Chairman Gutta Sukhendar Reddy informed that the SLBC works have almost come to an end with hardly 10 km tunnel works were left and it was only the KCR who ensured that the pending tunnel works begin after a gap of 6 years.

Addressing media along with the Deputy Chairman Vidhyasagar Rao here in his chambers today, the Council Chairman reacting to the Congress leaders allegation that TRS is doing injustice to south Telangana, said that the SLBC tunnel works were stopped in 2009 after backwaters had flown into the tunnel due to excess inflow into the Srisailam reservoir. And no effort had been made since then to rectify the problem until KCR took over as Chief Minister in 2014. The Jayaprakash & Company had been awarded Rs 945 Crore worth contract of SLBC works by the erstwhile united AP CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy in 2005.

Sukhendhar Reddy further informed that CM KCR had conducted an all-party meeting in 2014 on the SLBC to restart the works. However, the contracting company Jayaprakash & Co expressed its inability to proceed with the works as all its machinery got submerged in the backwaters and needs repair. Telangana government had released Rs 200 crores to the contracting company to enable it to repair and restart the works.

“We have not pressured them for pending 16 crores towards electricity bills as they need to complete the remaining works. As of now, only 10 km works are pending”, he said and came down heavily on the Congress leaders for indulging in a blame game with regard to the irrigation projects in Southern Telangana.

“No Congress leader from south Telangana even leaders like Jana Reddy never raised their voice against Andhra CMs then. No Telangana Congress leader opposed Pothireddypadu during YSR regime. I was the only one who raised voice against him being an MP”, he said adding that “they all worked to protect their positions throughout. Today they are accusing us. Shame on them”.

He further stated that TRS government is now almost completing every project in Telangana that was just inaugurated by the Congress leaders then. Nearly 93% of Dindi project works have almost been completed.

While condemning the GO 203 issued by the AP government, Sukhendar Reddy alleged that Go was aimed at de-stabilising the Nagarjunasagar reservoir in the long run.