State level Workshop on Terrace Gardening in the city on October 24


The Department of Horticulture is organizing a state level workshop on Urban Farming and Vertical Gardening at CoE, Jeedimetla on October 24, 2018, as part of its initiative to boost the Urban Farming scheme by promoting terrace garden.

The Department has been implementing this scheme since 2010 apart from the other schemes which provide nutrition security to the Telangana population. It ensures maximum returns to the producer and nutritional security to the consumers of 3.96 crores population of the state. With the advent of modernization and urbanization 10% – 15% of the population is shifting yearly from rural to urban areas, thereby, the urban population is increasing day by day resulting in congested cities and towns which has increased temperature, pollution, etc.

Urban landscaping/terrace garden growing is increasing and gaining popularity nowadays as people are becoming more conscious about health and clean and green environment along with nutritional values and pesticide residue free fruits and vegetables that they consumed. There is no scope of horizontal expansion in presently available space in cities and only vertical space is available which can be converted into vertical gardens.

Benefits of vegetable production through Terrace Gardening.

  • The joy of consuming the vegetables grown with our own hands givens immense satisfaction and satiety.
  • The producer gets fresh, pesticides residual free vegetables for consumption.
  • Tasty, highly nutritious, superior quality vegetables.
  • No loss of time from harvest to kitchen.
  • Eco-friendly, pollution free environment.
  • Physical exercise to the city dwellers/children.
  • By growing greens, ambient temperatures will be maintained in surroundings by absorption of Carbon dioxide and production of oxygen.
  • Home gardening increases the availability of oxygen.
  • Homestead gardening modifies microclimate thus reduces global warming apart from relieving from stress and strain.

Very Recently, a Vertical Gardening demo was established at CoE, Jeedimetla to convert Urban farming (Vegetables) cultivation into a business model and to meet the demand of leafy vegetables from the city consumers.


  • Around 400 beneficiaries (urban farmers) practising terrace gardening in metro/ municipal areas of Telangana will participate and also share their best experiences which they are adopting on their terraces.
  • Sushila, Professor from Kerala Agriculture University, Tiruchur will share her expertise in Vertical gardening i.e., demonstration of different designs and installation and maintenance techniques of vertical gardening.
  • The interested people have to register over the phone by 22.10.2018, 3.00 PM.


  1. G.Madhusudhan, ADH – 7997724936
  2. Jyothi, Junior Assistant – 7997724983
  3. Siva Prasad – 7997724985