Stop AP from stealing waters from RDS or ready for war: Sampath

Former Alampur MLA Sampath Kumar is showing the video of water being illegally taken out by AP farmers through RDS canal.

Former Congress MLA from Alampur Sampath Kumar threatened to wage a war against AP government for what he termed stealing waters from Rajolu Diversion Canal (RDS) in his constitutiency.


Alleging Andhra Pradesh government of resorting to his old techniques of stealing waters from RDS canal illegally due to Telangana government’s incapability and negligent attitude in protecting Telangana farmers’ legitimate right of drawing 16 TMC of waters from RDS during a press conference in Gandhi Bhavan today Sampath Kumar said that AP has back to its cunny tricks. This time it is stealing waters by digging a canal up to 160 km parallel to RDS. “Still the TRS government is not responding and no action has been initiated yet leaving farmers of this region to their fate”, he said.

He said the Minister Niranjan Reddy was also apprised of this situation but to no avail and called upon Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao to prevent AP at least now from taking waters forcibly from the RDS canal otherwise, he warned that his party would wage a war with the AP government under the Congress party leadership.



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